Waterproof Motion Sensor Alarm

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This is the ultimate in motion sensor alarm technology designed with state of the art passive infrared sensors, an advanced water proof casing, adjustable detection distance and adjustable detection angle. With a flawless connection to the host panel this sensor will provide alerts when you need them most. Secure your home and your peace of mind!

The waterproof PIR motion sensor has been designed specifically for outdoor use to provide security even in the most extreme environments. This device will be on the alert so you don't have to! The waterproof technology used is some of the most advanced, increasing security and providing total peace of mind, even in the worst conditions!  



  1. 350m Transmission Distance: The receiver range will detect your sensors from 350m away provided there are no obstructions. Testing in real-world settings with trees, buildings, walls, and vehicles, transmission range can reach up to 150m.

  2. NO MORE FALSE ALARM: With adjustable detective distance switch, you can change the detect distance from 6 to 12 meters. Moreover, this system comes with two motion sensor covers, you can change the detective view angle from 110° to 10° to reduce false alarms from small animals and objects like birds and falling leaves; Super infrared penetrating power reduce false alarms from the bad weather such as rain/snow or other natural light sources interference such as sunshine.

  3. SUPER EASY INSTALLATION: No wires to run, no installation hassles. Put in the batteries and place the wireless motion sensor and alarm receiver wherever you want.


Power: DC 3V  2 * AA Batteries

Detection Distance:<6-12m (open area)
Detection angle : 90 degrees
Outdoor usage : waterproof   ( IPV4)
​Installation height : 1-2m (vehicle) , 2-4m (human)
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