Smart Security Sensor Alarm

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One of the most impressive security alert systems currently on the market. This KERUI security system allows for full control and customizablility through a mobile app, has an extra loud 120decibel security coded alarm for the hard of hearing and can be switched between 4 different modes of operation for when your away or at home. Don't take chances, take action and secure your peace of mind.

This WiFi door alarm system is the top of the range security alert system on the market. It is customizable, controllable and alerts via both iOS and Android mobile app, has an extra loud 120dB alarm and more.


  • Professional Security Alarm System with 4 customizable modes: ordinary/doorbell/emergency/welcome. Decide on your mode with the click of a button!

  • WIFI connection.

  • 100% control by mobile APP. The security sensor provides real time feedback. When any alarm id triggered, the led indicator of corresponding zone will flash to highlight the exact sensor which has triggered

  • High 120decibel sound level for anyone hard of hearing.

  • The highest security and convenience! The host requires 4 digital password to disarm which prevents any intruders from being able to manual disarm..

  • The 2-way magnet of the host is flexible to place on the left or right of the host meeting for different doorframe.


  • Cost-effective & Multi-function Host: The magnet can work as a stand alone alarming unit but still have the optional Away/At Home Mode.

  • Customizable Chime/Siren alert sound. 

  • Switching between Away/Home Modes allows a 30 second arming delay allowing you time to leave the building without tripping the alarm.

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