Mini Smart Wireless Motion Sensor

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This mini motion sensor if the perfect way to secure your home while not installing a chunky monkey. It blends perfectly into its decor and still provides real time security alert, alarm and notification message straight to your phone!

This mini motion sensor is the most impressive on the market today. It's small size blends in perfectly with the decor of its surroundings allowing both advanced security and maintaining the aesthetic design of your home. The mini sensor boasts an impressive alert system which interacts flawlessly with the host, providing peace of mind and security at a small scale!



  1. Total Security: Motion detectors use passive infrared technology ensuring maximum security at your home or business.
  2. Detects motion up to 8m 
  3. Adjustable swivel ball base with range of 45 degree for customizable function.
  4. Operates with CR2405 batteries and can charge in DC5V which are included along with the magnetic swivel base.


When the mini wireless motion sensor is triggered, it will sound an alarm and send a signal to the host system panel. The alarm system host will sound and send SMS/call to your preset phone number to notify you of the alert.

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